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I have cried
Cinderella's tears,
the salt taste
fresh in my mouth,
cinders and dust—
mother, daughter,
sister, step-mother,
where is love?

I was born.
That seems to be
enough to begin
the thread of mother/
we call it a complex:
suffice to say
to be born female
knits up an old story,
ravels into balled
wool or tangled web,
what I now call

   the mother-knot
            the mother-not.

Not that she
was a wicked step-mother,
my own mother-not;
even Penelope would find
it impossible
to untie these threads
and reweave the bonds
of womb and blood
between women.

Perhaps we should
blame Darwin—
the toughest ones
and I was weak,
a born dreamer.

It took me fifty years
to understand
the power women wield,
not always for the good.
O nurturing gender.
O destroying goddess.
Cinderella grew up,
dried her tears,
found her prince
and danced the night away
in glass slippers.
Don't we all thrill
to a happy ending?
Everyone, of course,
except the jealous
and still the knot
continues to ravel/
unravel/ knit up/
unwind/ bind us
and call us home
prince and slippers,
carriage and pumpkin coach,
wicked witch,
cruel step-mother,
fairy godmother,
mothers lost/ and mothers
found/ finally
to mother earth,
beginning at our end.


Copyright by Carolyn Zonailo:, 2004 | Poems | Cinder/Ella
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Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Zonailo attended ...
CZ is a visionary poet who writes with compassion and careful detail about the world she lives in.
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She draws on her study of mythology, astrology, and Jungian psychology, for a seemingly inexhaustible source of imagery.
There is a quality in her work which makes all her poems hers, but Zonailo’s style does differ. Compendium is a collection of short, lyrical poetry; Zone 5 of prose. Each book is an extension of her poetic exploration and a separate expression.
Over the years of sitting in Grant's Cafe or the Europa and talking poetry with Lewis Gretsinger, the questions have been asked: why write? what are you saying? what are your poetics?
Last Will and Testament
I give my soul to God.
I give my body to the earth.
I give my poems to posterity.
I give my spirit to tolerance.
I give my mind to the future.
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